Being A Brazen Introvert

I make no apologies for being an introvert. Introverts know their boundaries, and respect the boundaries of others because usually we think about what we need to do or say without rushing in and speaking or acting without editing ourselves. It is a considered reply or action that paves my way and that goes a long way in preventing ruffled feathers or communication misunderstandings. If it is a peacekeeper you need, likely look no further than the introvert who knows how to defuse a situation.

I also don't subscribe to the notion that introverts are thinkers and not doers. Extroverts tend to have the big picture ideas and the sweeping statements. It is the introvert like me who makes the idea work and gets the job done and likely adds the polish to the whole project.

In social situations, the extroverts like to be the centre of attention and be the life of the party. I will bet you that the introvert is far more interesting though because we usually have a sly sense of humour and a good wit because we observe life in a more studied fashion. Introverts usually have the best comments and jokes at the parties I attend.

Finally, I am not against extroverts. I am happy to bask in their bright light when they need attention. I am secure in who I am because as an introvert, I have figured out me pretty well and know what makes me happy. Here's to all the introverts and may you all bask in your own light!

blindeyepete blindeyepete
46-50, F
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Very true and well put together!