An Introverts Nightmare

What are the chances that i decide to pick the only degree that requires me to go to two completely different university campuses? The answer, one would assume, would be very low but apparently with my luck i did just that. So maybe I'm over thinking the situation with the two sets of friends, the two orientation days, the two sets of 'preparing for university courses' by myself,  the fact i don't know anyone or where I'm going.

I have feeling of desperation almost because it took me two years to work up the courage to start opening up to my current group of, for lack of a better word friends, then high school finished and they are all at different universities and once again i am thrust out of my comfort zone ( which would be all well and good if i had more then a couple of weeks to mentally prepare myself ). Thank you world for kicking my while I'm down =]

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I know exactly what you mean.<br />
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I had just moved 2000 km (1200 miles) when I started University (this was five years ago). I found it virtually impossible to make friends there so I didn't really try. Now I am going to a College where I meet the same people every day, so now I can have a small group of close friends. <br />
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In a social environment of a University where there are hundreds of strangers walking the halls and a hundred classmates that you only see twice a week, it can be quite daunting to try to find friends.

I have to admit that in high school i found it very difficult to make friends, it usually took me a year before a really opened up to anyone ( this is what my current high school friends had said ) <br />
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It does seem like twice the work for me because i know i have to make more of an effort on my part because it usually takes me so long to open up.

Ouch, sounds like a nightmare indeed!<br />
But, I think you're wrong in thinking it's twice the work.<br />
You can use your experience from high school AND college to get to know people in both colleges.

good advice is just the worst lightpainer =]