i dont really talk to people much or jump in to talks. i would really much rather be alone. i like to shut my self up and think on things, or at least sit where i can observe and think. you would be surprised all the things u learn about people by watching them, the way they walk tells of there confidence and how they hold them selves is how high they think. who is panicky and who is fake. but looking at people and seeing what i dont want to know only draws me back to the place where i can be alone. its amazing how many fake people there are.

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it does... but the act of being an introvert is to be alone.... so could they be called and introvert? it could go on forever

but if they hide introversion is that not being a extrovert?

ha ha, i understand, i think your one or the other... being both cant really happen... it would be called being fake, but then again... well im not going to make it any more complicated. lol

a extroversion is a person who is more assertive and more out going, my sister for instance. she is opent to everyone, and that is who she is but it still hides or leads others to stray away when they get to close. so yes and no. being out going is who they are but it is towards other people no them selves... like a transparent mask. you see to an extent wat is behind it but never quite compleatly. but it seems to also be a delusion of a sort. the out going people have alot there hiding and if they are hiding its not truly out going. they may think they are extroverts but they are really just hiding behind the mask of them selves.

strange is defined today by diffrent, but in all actuality it is good, but lack of friends is tough and u come to need them even when ur like us. sometimes we are all we have, other people cant seem to grasp that untill they are really alone.

agreed. its odd how the people who find them odd are the one who shoulder them

useful but sometimes i am not sure how to use it. it is wonderful in a way as much as it is troublesome.

yes, it makes sense that our world is the way it is. if those who truly know u are those that dont know u at all. its crazy. but i think thats why were not so willing to talk to people as much cuz we cant fake that we dont see how they really are....<br />
it feels to me like im seeing something i really shouldnt. like its personal or something..