Yin And Yang

So introverts are understood to be mostly thinkers, but what we do is not just  'useless thinking'. Non-introverts call it 'ruminating', or senseless worrying- and Nike has come up with the slogan 'Just DO It'.

There is a world out there, that much everyone knows, and introverts, (most, not all) , like to plan beforehand. So we 'think'. Sure I agree with the extroverted rationale that too much of planning isn't good, but neither is living life without plans- the problem here is when someone does something in excess. For example, Excessive eating leads to obesity, excessive starving leads to anorexia. To do things in moderation, to find a close balance between intro and extroversion is what most introverts are pushed to do, and I do not hold the wisdom or power to regard this as right or wrong, but I believe having a taste of everything, or at least trying, is the recipe to a leading a life of contentment for both intro and extroverts.

You may say that it is tiring to wear a mask, but truth is, nobody can live without masks ever. Say you love your friend dearly but has an annoying habit you strongly disapprove of. You mask your reaction to that habit when you see it. One thing you learn from watching the movie 'Liar, Liar' is that telling the truth all the time costs you, and again, the excess of truthfulness, or lies, will get you in deep trouble. So mask yourself in moderation, and don't be afraid of who you are, or your masks. To me, masks are no different from my own self. I made them, they are me.

Someone mentioned that introvers should 'come out of their box'. In order to come 'out of the box', one has to be IN IT first. In order for you to understand us, you'll have to be in our shoes, and us in yours. Though society has wrongly pushed introversion aside, has tilted the scale in favour of extroversion, we have to hold resiliently to the truth- that nothing is wrong with us, like yin and yang, we are the shunned black portion, but we hold a white dot within us, yet we can't help but expose more of what we were made of from the beginning: black.


And so extroversions are white, (and I don't know who came up with the conclusion that the colour white is synonymous with all things good), but all extroverts have a bit of introversion in them which they will try to mask and deny.

This battle of misunderstandings will go on, but as long as you understand and accept the idea of yin and yang, you will understand and accept, and come to love almost everyone around you. Be they extroverts or introverts. I love my extrovert friends and they, me, we don't have to agree, we just have to accept.

Many anti-introverts do not know this, but most stand-up comedians are introverts. They plan for all sorts of audience reactions ahead, they plan all their responses over, and over, and over. And while they are more than happy that they've made so many people happy and entertained, at the end of the day all that matters is going home and reenergising themselves- to soak in solace.

That's why I'm here. I'm an introvert who loves making people around me happy, but I wish they'd taken as much time to plan for my happiness too. I pull all that from the white dot within me and that drains me all the time.. but it makes me content. I retreat into the darkness to wholly soak in my contentment.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I like how you use the yin-yang analogy in relation to introversion/extroversion, since introverts represent the yin (passive energy) and extroverts, the yang (active energy). And what it all boils down to is acceptance of our fellow humans, differences and all.