I Am Proud With Who I Am

My family of 6 are all made up of extroverts.  My parents can't stand it.  I'm 20, still living at home and my parents always question why I don't go out.  I simply say, I don't need to be out with people, having interactions in order to have fun.  I like thinking and I write quite a lot and read.  My 18 year old brother has basically called me a "Loser" or "Anti-Social", which unbeknownst to him is a mental issue.  I let people think what they want of me.....I've been told by first meeting, I seem like a *****.  Just because I'm quiet, people always fear what they don't know I suppose.  We all have our own ways, I live my way and they live theirs and I just happen to be an Introvert.

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Your parents didn't care about you, and they look down on you for choosing a perfectly valid path in your life because they don't agree with it - I can relate. When I would wake up in the middle of the night screaming from a nightmare - my mom would get mad at me. Not concerned, just angry. I resent her like all hell. <br />
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When I meet people who are controlling, power-hungry, or emotionally manipulative - I feel like I'm better than them, because they remind me of my mom. The thing is, I also resent people who are strong. Strength isn't a bad thing, but it pokes a psychological hot-button for me.<br />
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It's good that you're proud of who you are - there's nothing wrong with being an introvert.

Wow, not even close. I think I've just been judged harshly by them. I somewhat believe I have overcome some obstacles in my life. Firstly my father physically abusing me and my siblings, being molested as a child by a relative and my parents not caring, they still look down upon me for choosing to go to school for film, I hear it constently it's not practical. I do not feel superior to anyone. Like I said "Proud" of who I am.

I'm an introvert too, and I completely get where you're coming from - my parents are both extroverts, and they spent a lot of my life pushing me to be more social... despite my protests. Their inability to understand that I was different from them did a lot of damage to me psychologically. Extreme extroverts tire the hell out of me, I can't stand to be around people have to be talk-talk-talking every friggin second.<br />
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That being said, you sound pretty superior and self-righteous - like you think you're better than them. You're not, and you're looking down on them the same way my parents looked down on me.