Hooray, Hooray, It's A Holi-holiday!

Thank You EP. I know I've moaned a bit over the last few days, but I wish to express my gratitude that you have terminated the account of you-know-who. Hopefully, we can get down to having some proper exchanges, without the personal abuse we have had to suffer recently.

Mind you, my average has plummeted.


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Oh dear, who is sue27, one wonders?

One wonders, Soozies.

After checking out Sue27's profile, I am left scratching my head. She seems to have commented on 2 stories in this group, and that is the sum of her activity. How can she judge people, let alone a complete SITE on such limited experience? Or was that the whole aim of her profile creation....?

Hi sue27<br />
<br />
Welcome to EP! No, flans gradually got more and more personally abusive, but even without that he was taking over, posting none stop, putting down and totally ignoring anything we hd to say. He seemed to have a grudge against introverts, and let us know! In the Uk there's a saying 'like talking to a brickwall', that was like talking to him. He had no intention of trying to talk or to listen, which you're supposed to do in a conversation. He only wanted to insult others.

At last, sweet, at last!

It is, Soozles, it is :)

I have noticed a few people lately have disappeared. Maybe there is a big clean up happening? Definitely a nicer place to spend time now. :)

Yes! I suddenly feel decontaminated!