Social Obligations Can Be Problematic

I've read that introverts accept extroverts far more than vice versa. We are the more understanding personality because we stop to think and analyze. The only thing wrong with being introverted is when our thoughts direct a negative message to our internal dialouge.

For me the main downside of being introverted is feeling the presure to participate in group activities at work. I generally try to avoid baby showers and office parties unless I can perform a service while being there. Since I find small talk boring these occasions can be very painful. Often I will feel somewhat  spiritually "polluted" afterwards.

How do others handle these social "obligations"?

suan suan
51-55, F
4 Responses Apr 13, 2010

I know what you mean; I rarely feel comfortable just "hanging out" at a social event. I'll go to a banquet to serve food, but not just to eat, hehe. Worst case scenario, I just try to lay low.

I am an introvert too and I dread social occasions until I seek out and find someone I relate to well, then I tend to gravitate to a quiet corner and talk with that person in depth.

My BF is like that. He's definitely an introvert but he tends to talk a lot when we're together. That's usually fine but I don't like it when he talks over me. I know he doesn't mean to be rude. He's not like just seems to be chatty mode....full steam ahead!!!!! : )

I'm considered an extroverted introvert! I am really basically shy and feel most comfortable alone but when I'm in public I talk almost too much to make myself fit in. I think I'm babbling, but other people seem to think I'm actually carrying on a conversation! I find myself saying to myself "I'm talking and I can't shut up!" I can't give any advise other than to say do what you're doing...find a way to feel useful and then you'll feel more part of the group.