I Am.

If I had something to say to you I’d whisper it softly Kiss you on your rosey lips and never let you off me. Shiver on your roof and see your face lit by starlight. Hold you through the night and watch that Pennsylvania sunrise. I want to rip off your logic and make passionate sense to you. Do you know what hurts the most about a broken heart? Not being able to remember how you felt before. A sensitive person receives fifty impressions where somebody else may only get seven. Sensitive people are so vulnerable; they’re so easily brutalized and hurt just because they are sensitive. The more sensitive you are, the more certain you are to be brutalized, develop scabs… I can’t trust anyone enough to give my heart to them. But I’m ready. I want it. And I may, I’m almost on the point, I’ve really got to … Because—well, what else is there? That’s all it’s all about. To love somebody.
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26-30, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Yes, INTJ's are said to Be the INFJ's Soulmates, I have not experienced this myself, so I'd like to meet an INTJ. :]

that was beautiful to read. thanks. : )<br />
<br />
oh yeah, and i got here from a story where you said something like "an INTJ is the soulmate of a INFJ". I was wondering, is that true? I don't doubt you. I am curious though because I myself am an INFJ (and yeah, our type is super cool) and I wanted to know, should I try to meet INTJs? I could use a soulmate. : )<br />