Isfj In Progress

I'd first like to start by stating I appreciate any and all viewpoints. I've recently been feeling rather depressed and although I know I'm truly blessed I'm finding it rather difficult to "smell the roses". This nagging sense of depression lead me to do some soul searching and to finally address my suppresed feelings. I am the product of parents who abused sustances. While my father as an active caregiver my mother abandoned me and her role as nurturer. I feel that I've been very forgiving and I've obtained the upmost respect for her despite her decisions, but deep in my heart I still long for her. I know it's a bit unrealistic to expect her to swoop in and be the mother I needed yet, it doesn't stop me from dreaming about such a day. Ultimately, I'd love to come to some sort of peace. I'm embarking on the peak of womanhood and look foward to raising children of my own soon. My biggest fear is to raise my children with a slighted mindset or manifest any sort of dysfunction due to my pstchological problems. Thanks in advance. Again I appreciate having this site so that I may vent.

Trully yours,
dandelion77 dandelion77
May 16, 2012