Ooo That Why!

1st sorry with my bad english
After I took personality test, now I know why... I am an Isfj...I dun feel satisfied doing team work task. Love done all by myself. Thank you its just what I need :) appreciate my work and what I do...

Yes I hate conflict and hardly to said no, some people said am too kind and I feel burden several time with my kindness, I help them and sometime I tries not to... tries to hold my self and tries to ignore them when they needed me. but I can't, I still end up myself to helping them.

Before took this test, I hate myself for being too emotion too sensitive too much care and some of my friend told me am not being truth with them, I am fake. Its not I don't want to be truth with them, its just I hate to see their hopeless face. Who I know can't solve my problem. Its better I keep my feeling because I know later on I will cool myself and I'l find my own solution and I be full responsibilities with my action not any other person. They told me am fake cause I tries to get all along with them... all was alright, all was okay but the truth am not enjoy and its not what I wanted to do. I'm not fake, I just can hold myself to say no...I hate when I feel uneasy feeling because disappointed them. I care too much, Its just me... its not am not enjoyed all, it just not my thing but its okay for me. My boyfriend also leave me because I not be honest, my feeling toward him. yeahh fake... fake... fake. Anyway Its okay, one day I know someone can accept me as I am.

Now I know why. I am an Isfj and so far i dun think is bad to be good... before this I always tries to find all the way to change myself but now, I don't think I need it. I just need to love myself and do what I have to do... because its me... and a good thing, I am designer now. The test, its accurate so far...
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Hey there friend , I understand how you feel , I have been through it all
it's okay to care too much and it's so kind that you help others without asking for anything in return , you don't have to change yourself , you just have to change the people around or how the people look at you .
Choose wisely your friends , choose those who aren't gonna use you for your good self , and don't give too much for those who don't deserve it .
The challenge here is how are you gonna tell who worth it and who doesn't !!
well my friend , the best thing about us , is that we can study the person from his movements and his attitudes , and we can tell how does he feel why and how , you just have to improve your social skills in order to create a balanced relations with others .