I was born in the Bahamas but I moved to Florida aWhile ago a lot of people say that I still have my accent but I never notice it
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So you are Gorgeous with a sexy Accent too ; ) Mmmm X

I have been to the Bahamas twice. I absolutely love the people and the time I have spent there.

Im Jamaican

Do you miss Bahamas ?

Yes very much

what do you miss most , like 3 top things.

Family,carnaval,and the foooooodd

Party girl :) anything you hate about your native place ?

Well yea the crime and there's a lot of poor people

Oh , well . Non places are perfect . Crime and poverty works together.

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You're gorgeous, and to know that you have an accent too...wow!

Thank you

me as well.I am from Mauritius :)

Where's that