My First, My Last, My Everything. How I Became An Isotope Fanboy.

My name is Jake and I am an Isotope fanboy.


I have been a long time reader and lover of comic books.  I have been reading since I was a kid.  Comics have a an exceptionally special place in my heart.  I had a rough childhood.  Don't get me wrong... many others had it much rougher I am sure.  I had a roof over my head and food in my belly... but I come from a broken home and am the child of a manic depressive who strayed from her meds far too often.  It made growing up "interesting" and it definitely created a heavy need for a retreat.   I found comic books and with my comic books I found the beauty of the comic shop.  This is something that many don't understand... you see, no two comic book shops are alike.  They are like fingerprints.  Unique and all their own.  Growing up, I there were two in town.  I shopped at Games People Play and was so faithful to them that even when I left for college and left the area entirely, I still left my subscriptions with them and had them shipped to me on a monthly basis because I  couldn't imagine going elsewhere... no where else felt "right."  Games People Play closed and with it... one of my longest and most mutually beneficial relationships came to a rather abrupt end.


In Chicago... I shopped at Chicago Comics.  It was a great store, don't get me wrong but it always left something to be desired for me.  It was no Games People Play.


In LA, I found a local shop around the corner that was pretty good, quirky and a little weird... especially the staff, but they were better than the other options so I rolled with it.  Still, no Games People Play.


Well, I moved again... this time to SF.  One of the first things I do to get oriented to my new home is to establish the necessities that get me through.... find the nearest grocery store... find the nearest pub... find the nearest comic book shop.  I found a few online.  And made a list... it happened that Isotope had an email address so, I figured what the hell... do you know how difficult it is to find someone that does a weekly pull file these days?  That's something I still just don't understand as it is guaranteed business for them, but hey to each their own.   Well, Isotope quickly won my heart and here's why.   James emailed me within 24 hours just to say welcome to the city and to confirm that yes, they do pull files and they carry all of the titles that I follow and that he hoped I would stop in shortly.  I did not get a chance to respond to him before comic book Wednesday (the greatest love for any fanboy)... James sent me an email saying "Because I know how difficult it is to move and how you can get behind in things..." and it went on to explain that he had pulled my comic books for me for that week and the previous two weeks just so I wouldn't miss anything and that he would have them on hold for me and that I was not obligated to purchase them... but there were there if I needed / wanted.  From that moment on... I was sold.


I am a true fan of Isotope.  It has a special place in my heart.


It will never replace my first love - Games People Play - but it is nice to know that I can love again.


Viva Isotope.

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If you are ever in San Francisco and you are a fan of comic books... go to Isotope Comics Lounge. If it is a Friday or Saturday night, there is a good chance that James is throwing a party of some sort in the lounge as well. TOP NOTCH, people!

thanks for sharing there jake!

Comics are the best. I have mine and will always keep them. They are a part of me. Do they take up space? Absolutely, but its good space.<br />
<br />
They are precious to me. No joke.

That is completely awesome.<br />
Seriously man, I grew up reading my older (now deceased) bro's comics after he was done with them, and collected a few after he died, but I could never really "immerse" myself like I used to when me and him would share our outlooks and wonder what Sabretooth would do next or if Green Arrow would get around to kicking Speedy to the curb. We lived on a rural mail-route and was placed about an hour from any town that would even be able to support a comic-book store or any kind.<br />
*Sigh* damn nostalgia...if I ever let go of my bro's comics (I don't think I ever will, but ya never know) You'd be the first one I'd share a list of rares to.<br />
If we're both still around here, of course! ;p