An Istj For Sure

My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator survey shows, and my lifelong experience confirms, ISTJ personality traits. I do surprise myself sometimes though, as at times I can be most engagingly extroverted when the moment requires it or the situation compels me. Large or small groups, it doesn't matter. I work really, really well in team environments now that I know my inner strengths through MBTI’s revelation. But it was especially true during my MBA graduate team member experience (Tech Mgmt. concentration) which really brought out the best in me here.

I used to believe that since I am a natural introvert people would not like me. I used to feel this way for years, but stopped for some reason. I think it's because somewhere along the way I took ownership, and much liking, of the way I truly am. I don’t diss myself anymore as ISTJs like us have lots to offer. Thoughtfulness, intense creativity, ideas, reflection and more. Most engineers, software people, architects and accountants are introverts.

I had my original MBTI survey done at a local community employment center in San Francisco, CA back in 2003 that initially indicated that I was an ISTF. But a private job placement service in San Antonio, TX insisted that I am an ISTJ. After showing me the datum, I was convinced. One can also get it free though at HumanMetrics ( I think everyone should try it, you learn a lot about yourself. 

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2 Responses Oct 25, 2009

The "Do It!" link isn't exactly easy to find, it's in the lower left area. MBTI is basically a survey that determines what basic personality type you are (with a bit of depth) that is most useful as a guide when pursuing a career. I've always felt shy since a childhood and was not surprised at the results. But I think my intense curiosity brings me out of my shell when relating to others so my introversion isn't so obvious.

Didn't know such a site existed. Must atmit some of this I don't understand but I'll try the site. Would not have figured you for an introvert anyway.