Deal With It

What exactly do I mean?
Well the I denotes Introverted
The S stands for Sensing
The T indicates Thinking
and the P is for Perception

This is my personality of Six16teen types (Extroverted, Inuitive, Feeling and Judging are the other possible traits, these Eight traits combine for the 16 personality types).

ISTP's excel at:
Situational analysis, which nets an identification of the "situation" or problem
in turn, creating and implimenting a functional solution.
A trouble shooter and problem solver!
We are quiet folk, and very interested in how systems operate...we like to understand our environment, with a focus on the effiency of the system as well as its structure.
We fully study our the smallest detail.  I can all but tell you when your last hair cut was...perhaps even what your previous nail color was.
We are always open to new ideas, information, techniques and approaches...I call myself progressive in this sense.
We may come across as detached, but I ASSURE you I am capable of accurately observing my environment...with Insight and Humour may I add...
One of our dirtiest little secrets...we have daring hearts, a thrill for speed and high adventure...You think you can hang with me?

At times, we seem to Act Without Regard for
Procedures (I find too many procedures Lead to too many Faults)
Directions (I hate follwoing directions and recipes)
Protocol (I have my own set of protocols)
and even in Safety (I will always be safe!)
As Haphazard as it may seem...its still all fact based on my broad spectrum of acquired knowledge and experience...developed over time through Action and Observation.
Put that in your Pipe and Smoke it!
You Smoke?  Quit!

I can and will solve any and all problems that grace my Path, as do all ISTP's

I will let anyone live their life as they wish too....just as long as you let ME live my life the way I want.  Yes?  Are we in accord?
We can endure reasonable impositions without complaint...but step on my toes and I will bite your foot!

We may be Introverts, but we are very Authoritative in our actions with Others...and we are very forceful at influencing others (very Atypical for general introverts).  We are driven to finish our tasks...but we do need our seclusion in order to master our tricks of our trade.  Effiecent and Virtuous.

We will detect the smallest amount of deviation in order to define the essence of things...then we analyze and classify.  We Exam all sides to an issue...perhaps even exhausting all angles in this process.  We use Logic to drive our Decisions.

We can be Curious of our world, yet still ground by our principles and ideals.  We can, and we will respond to the explicit/implicit wants of others...which can create conflict for our needs/desires, in order to meet the needs of others.

Best of all,
The More Complicated the System
The More Interest it draws from us...
Ferric67 Ferric67
36-40, M
2 Responses May 26, 2012

Yes, celestial soul mates... I am in agreement

Actually, for the short time I have known you, I feel this encompasses you completely; however much a list can encompass anyone... Nice Job ;-)

Thanx LLF, have you ever looked into what sort of personality type you are? The descriptions amongst the 16 are varied.

No, I wouldn't even know where to start, but would be interesting to find out....

Did you see what Wonder left you?