I work eight hours a day some times more.  Life keeps me very busy at work, I miss out so much in what's going out there in the real world.  All I know I come to work and go home and of course being in IT I have to always study as to catch up with the latest Technology.....I don't want to study anymore, I am really tired, it doesn't seem like fun anymore. I want to know so much more about what is life all about, we get so busy in the daily routine that time flies by so fast before we know we are 50 years old and shocked to know how did I get there, this is the case with me, I just felt as if I just din't know how I got hear.  it amazing!!

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1 Response Apr 19, 2007

I think I heard it said once that if your job is with computers (IT, programming, etc.), that you have the additional requirement of having to stay on top of the latest advancements. They pointed out that the tools for accounting haven't changed for ( I think they said thousands of years ) ... of course, one could argue that even accounting is affected by computers, as PeachTree and Quickbooks are necessary tools of the trade for accountants... then again, one could counter that those are only two software packages, and that the average IT person needs to know more complete operating systems than just two packages. ( I'm not sure that I said that right. Oh well; moving on. )<br />
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Keeping up with the latest advances is part of the job. If I had the means, I'd leave the industry... but it happens to be the only thing that I am 'good enough' at that is in 'high enough demand' that I can 'make a living doing'.<br />
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Lately, my job is looking more and more like I will never get past the "busy" tasks that I have to do to keep the users happy and move on to the "important" tasks that will make everyone's jobs easier. I don't like that feeling...<br />
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I follow software development and IT. I know way more **** than I ever wanted to. ... but life got a little better when I started running Linux at home. At least that was one computer in my life that didn't constantly need rebooting...