The MRAs have known about the effects of false rape accusations for decades. Funny how the feminist, who infiltrate this group, treat it like it was news. They try to shame us by bringing attention to the fact that we didn't comment on their "revelation". We can't comment. We are blocked.

So the five hoarse women reported on one false rape accusation here in a MRA group. Why didn't they post it in a feminist group?
Simple. They posted it here to try to save face. "See feminist care about mens issues and the MRAs don't. They're just women hates."
Spare me.
While they did a good thing by bringing attention to this person, they did it for their own selfish reasons. While i applaud them for bringing this matter to light, it is only half heartedly at best.
JackBarnesMRA JackBarnesMRA
31-35, M
1 Response May 6, 2012

Looks like it's unfortunate to be right when so many feminists are wrong.