Can Some1 Help Me Understand Dis Mra.

I got divorced recently. My ex was a stay at home mom for 3 years. We hav 2 kids. She worked when my oldest was born up til he was 3 and my secon kid came along and she quit. I worked a pretty good job as mechanic but went to school at same time. She went back to school and got a good job and left. I dunno y but she took kids and court system sucked. I'm sick of gettn pushed around. I wish sum1 would help.
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Here's a male's explanation of how fu@ked up and obnoxious MRAs have gotten

let Me assure You that You should look around.Im sorry You are going thru this but the answer will NOT be found within the MRA.That is unless You WANT to put on a gorilla suit beat Your chest ,roar and be plain silly while getting nothing done.Other wise google fathers rights groups.

Could it be... not that there was something "wrong" with her, but that the two of you got married too young? People change a lot from their late teens and early 20s into the years just beyond that. Many very young people get married ba<x>sed on a romantic notion - or even because they want the wedding. Some of these people (male and female) "wake up" and discover the person they married is not what they really need/want in a marriage partner.

"Its sad that you have to resort to lying instead of debate using facts." - ROFLMFAO - you ought to know. I think it is so funny how people say these kinds of things when it is actually exactly what they do. If they don't lie they will just delete the comments made by anyone who debates what they say and provides actual, (and not biased false) facts and references to support what they say so no one will see the comment and recognize that it may be correct, and that what they have written isn't. Then they block the person who made the comment so they can't comment further and point out again that what they are writing is false, and question why they keep deleting their comments.<br />
<br />
They love to write stories bashing feminists, and those of us on here who do not agree with them, knowing that they have blocked every person who might question and contest what they have written so they cannot comment on their false and derogatory stories, and as a result what they have written will always seem true, correct, and uncontested. What a joke.

I didn't delete anything. You just sound angry.

Please don't mistake what I wrote above, and I am not angry at all. I wasn't referring to you. I was referring to the person who wrote the comment that I quoted above ie. - "Its sad that you have to resort to lying instead of debate using facts." I actually find that comment very comical since the guy who wrote it regularly deletes the things that people write that challenge what he is saying, and then blocks them so they can't respond any further.

i don't care what he says, i know what i read from him and the other mrasshole but, of course, i've taken it out of context. that's what i'd expect him to say. there's only one effin liar on this thread and it's not me. he's a liar and a hypocrite.

"he's a liar and a hypocrite." And he doesn't realize how obvious that is becoming with everything he writes.

people like that usually can't see their own flaws or they've deluded themselves into believing that they don't have any.


Boy,a nail aint got a chance with You! You hit it square on the head every time!

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I thought I wrote this already, but maybe not (maybe it was deleted). I think you just need to get a better lawyer. In our current courts often the person with the best lawyer will win, because the best lawyers know the ins and outs of the relevant laws, and how to argue your position to the court so they will rule in your favor. Most divorce laws in most states are gender neutral so the agenda misogynist woman haters push is incorrect. Having the best lawyer, and not being a woman, will usually get you what you want in your divorce if its fair and reasonable.

Children definitely need their fathers. Girls need an example of a nice man, who is on their side (sadly my own papa was not like that) and boys need a good role model. And if a man sees his responsibilities as more than merely financial then he should be encouraged. The automatic granting of custody to mothers is wrong. While the attachment of mothers to their children is more likely to be stronger because of the pregnancy process, it isn't necessarily so. A lot of kids find themselves with utterly crazy mothers who can't cope. Courts should put the needs of the children ahead of whatever squabble broke up a marriage. In a courtroom where the future of the children is being discussed there is no place for screaming matches or hyped up emotionalism. People who can't be rational maybe need time out to recover their focus

Amen Sister! Support is about so much more than money.While going thru a divorce,both parents need to put their own feelings aside and think of the children.Far too often Kids become the pawns in an unfair chess game.

Realmanlyman: check out this story I just posted. <br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
I home that it clears things up for you about the lies people are telling about me.

The best way You can stop lies about You is to stop lying,stop hating,stop preaching hate,grow up,get over it,and stop hating Yourself.

Jerrica: you know that is not true. You know that you are taking things completely out of context. Its sad that you have to resort to lying instead of debate using facts.

i think you're the liar here and you know it.

LMAO. Prove it

Realmanlyman: Our feminist opponents like to tell lies about us. I will put this to rest once and for all in a later story. <br />
The first thing you will learn about feminism is that its ba<x>sed on a lie. And uses falsified statistics and studies to further its agenda. Feminist have no problem with telling lies. Read for yourself and discover for yourself what it means to be a MRA.

I don't have a problem with feminism I guess.just not being able to see my kids when I didn't do n e thing wrong. But good note my ex brought them over and let them stay a night.

Thats a good start man! Always do every thing You can to make each time special.It wont be forgotten!

Im glad to hear that you got to see your kids. That's great. Im happy for you.

Thanks man.

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A lot of men only figure out that the gynocracy is against men when the wife gets a feminist law ba<x>sed divorce and the roof caves in on his life. We men need to stick together and teach young men that there are no rights for men in marriage or divorce under feminist law. Discrimination against men exists in just about every part of modern life.

@ knightrunner: you and greenbare's talk of fighting women with a variety of weapons, pitchforks, knives and guns, that doesn't make you sound as if you don't hate women. if that's not hate, what do you call it?<br />
<br />
btw, where IS green these days?

Why do u comment to start arguments. It's not worth it. There doesn't seem to be as many rights for men as there r women. These guys try to help other people understand. I'm sure everyone gets mean but it isn't worth fighting.

Realman? Even Jackbarnes,who would normaly love comments from other MRAs wants nothing to do with Dozerdan.Please check this guy out before You take him to heart about anything.Also as i said before look into fathers rights groups if You feel You were wronged.There are many out there who have nothing to do with either side of the coin You see here.

to each his own opinion but i didn't find my comment to be particularly argumentative. given what was said by those two members i think i asked a valid question.

Didn't you hear? Greenie meanie is GONEzo!!! His account was deleted!!!!! Yay!!!! Woot Woot!

Do You mean Dozer?

She wasn't nasty in the least, and she has every right to ask questions and state her opinion! You are ignorant to how some of these "mrm" are hateful to women.

Y comment at all?

*tosses confetti*

I won't call you ignorant because I'm respectful.

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I cannot give you legal advice on your situation. The best advice I could give you is to talk to a lawyer. The lawyer may not be able to help. But thats the best I can do. I wish I had sonera real answers for you. The laws are very complex and differ greatly depending on where you live. Others may be able to give you better advice. <br />
<br />
Info on the MRM:<br />
The first thing a person must do is educate themselves on the issues. You are already aware of one of the main issues. That being fathers rights. There are some fathers rights groups that you should check out. There maybe one such group in your are. They maybe able to give you some advice on your situation. Use Google and see what you can find. <br />
Besides the fathers rights issue there are many other issues men face. I have already pointed you to avoiceformen and blogtalkradio. But there are some other places that you should check out. Go to YouTube and watch search the manwomenmyth channel. Watch all of his videos. Then go and watch the Girlwriteswhat videos. Some other good YouTube posters are johtheother and thehappymysogynist. <br />
It may take you a couple of months to read and watch and listen to all of the information in the websites I habeas provided here. Take the time and look it over. Then decide if you want to be a MRA. Being a MRA is all about keeping up with mens issues and passing on this info to others. By doing this the MRM will grow. Then we can start to change laws and social bias against men. <br />
However, given your present situation, I suggest that that you focus on getting time with your kids. Go to the fathers rights groups first. That's the most important thing for you at this point. Learn from them. Work to being a part of your children's lives. <br />
We, the MRM, are a group of people. Men and women. Gay straight and bisexual. Married divorced and single. Religious agnostic and atheist. Black white red yellow and brown. Old middle aged and young.

Transexual transgender. Anyone and everyone is welcome. We are non violent and we DON'T hate women. All that is needed is a genuine care about mens issues. I home i have been helpful.
The best of luck to you.

Says the guy wit a knife at a cats throat! check out jacks post here and on Youtube Manly. You will find nothing but hate.

Knife at a kittens throat!?!

Lol You know what I mean.Your right it was a kitten.

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