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Generally speaking, a relic is anything left over from before you were alive.  For instance, to my children, I am a relic.  Antiquities are things from so long ago that you can't figure out how many generations it's been.  But seriously folks, what I'm going to try to sell here are objects handmade by humans "a long time ago."  In this section will be found prehistoric artifacts, "native" manufactures from all over the world, "primitive" or "traditional" money items, and other things from the pre-electronic cultures.

I do not sell things that are obviously grave robbed and chunks of sculpture and buildings that could conceivably have been busted off of an intact object for the express purpose of selling on the antiquities market.  I try to stick to whole small objects, preferably with site data.  Almost everything "ancient" that I have does not come with official papers.  Almost everything except the Chinese and Pakistani stuff is sold to me as "from an old collection."


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"He who is offended when offence is not intended, is a fool; he who is offended when offence is intended, is a greater fool.” -Brigham Young <br />
(Someone called me up to ask if I'm a Mormon. I'll crib Woody Guthrie's answer to a similar question that appeared on a government form. "What religion are you?" "All." "You can't put 'all.'" "OK, none." "You can't put 'none.'" "All or none." Similarly, ask me a question about race: "human." We stand on the shoulders of all of our ancestors. Wisdom can emerge from all kinds of contexts.) Bob Reis<br />
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Bob Reis Owner/Operator of "ANYTIME ANYWHERE" is one of good guys! A trusted, honest businessman, with extensive knowledge of coins, monies, antiquities, and much much more. (as well as the trivial :) I have spent entire days delighting myself, viewing coins, reading the vast amount of information found on Bob Reis's website. I've bought a few coins from him as well. Was Very Pleased with my purchases and his excellent servicve! <br />
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I believe when you find something good you should share it with others. So, I'm sharing this link to ANYTIME ANYWHERE with you. <br />
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