These Coins Found Their Way From Ireland


This 1723 Halfpenny has some light porosity, but has wonderful details.

Hibernia - the Roman name for Ireland - is Latin, meaning "Land of Winter." Georgius Dei Gratia Rex is Latin for "George, by the Grace of God, King"
These coins found their way from Ireland - where the populace refused to use the coins King George authorized without consultation of the Irish Parliament - to colonial America which was not only embracing the Tired, the Poor, the Huddled masses yearning to breathe free; but also the cast off coins of the Mother countries to help maintain monetary order under the explosive growth it was experiencing. An interesting aside, Sir Isaac Newton was the Master of the British Mint from 1700 - 1727.

The obverse depicts King George. The reverse depicts a seated lady figure of with Harp.    .

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