A Few Words About Erika Eiffel, First

Erika is the only one that has any common sense and don’t pull the crap on others, like some of the other OSI members as well as non OSI objectum sexuals, do. Also, Erika got her *** out and found herself work making it on her own, doing some things she can be proud of, despite going from foster home to foster home and having a rough life. So Erika is the only one that has never given me any trouble either and even showed me empathy because she always mentioned my backhoe loader loves without me saying anything. Wished there were more like her except that she needs to be more careful of those sick bastards in the news media and on TV that make OS people look like crazy retards.

It is really disturbing that Erika can get in front of cameras telling her audience that she doesn't care if people think she is coo-coo while she sits on a part of the Eiffel Tower with her genitals contacting the metal and her kissing the structure as well. I could never bring myself putting me on display like that for the whole world to see.

One of the British rags found out about me and was trying to get me to make love to a real backhoe loader so they can print a juicy story and taking provocative pictures, making me look crazy as well. This rag was more than willing to rent the backhoe loader for the sole purpose of me making love to it. While I told them a little about me, I refuse to go along with making out with a real backhoe loader and that ended that. And this rag is notorious for poking fun at those who are different. It is unfortunate that objectum sexuals like Edward Smith and Erika Eiffel can't see what's happening and this don't help our cause one damn bit. Just read about "objectum sexuality", mechaphilia and objectophilia on You Tube and you all will know what I'm talking about.

We all have mental disorders of some sort with various degrees of Autism (in which I have HFA) and Aspergers. In the case of Erika, whole apparently had neither, she did have psychological problems which got her discharged from the Air Force. But, regardless of what the mental disorder is, it needs to be the most important part of an interview with all of our behaviors, as well as objectum sexuality, included. It just isn't enough to just say that a person has a brain disorder and talk only about objectum sexuality. I have several behaviors as well as being objectum sexual (objectophilia) and my other behaviors, are lack of social skills (introvert), extreme sensitivity to noise and bass music, slightly retarded because I've been a slow learner, stimming, especially around my own real backhoe loader, face ticks and such bad temper tantrums that I either break things or hurt myself. I also have other behaviors where I don't understand things very good and have trouble with speech. However, I am comfortable sending messages and composing articles on a computer as with many autistics and Aspies, which would be considered as a behavior from what I can find. And like, Erika, I was able to get out, get a job and live on my own though I still have to deal with all of these behaviors. I, like many autistic people who are gifted in one way or the other, am gifted with being a natural born artist that is capable of drawing anything including portraits of people, animals and sketching machinery. There is a company that has the lobby walls lined with several pieces of my artwork. So that is the good side of my autism. Otherwise the rest of my behaviors are not normal. Though it is too late for me and I have learned to live with it, I hope children and young adults can truly be helped that has these disorders.

Last thought: Because, not only there is objectum sexuality (objectophilia) among people with Autism, Aspergers and other psychological disorders, but there are a lot of other behaviors as well that seems abnormal to people that don’t have these disorders. That is why I say objectum sexuality (objectophilia) is a behavior (mental disorder) along with all of the other strange behaviors we have, instead of an orientation. If we didn’t have these brain disorders such as Autism and Aspergers, along with all of the behaviors that go along with them, but was still objectum sexual only, than I would say it is an orientation.

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3 Responses May 4, 2012

I have learned some much about Autism since finding out that I'm Autistic. So if we look at all of the symptoms (traits) of Autism, there can be more than one that is equally as intense. Example, most of these people claiming to be objectum sexual is not that way at all when social issues and one or two others are compared.

I can name 4 Autistic traits that I have observed that Erika Eiffel has, which is severe social issues, fixated on objects and fixated on subjects which seems to be equally as intense. Also Erika is very talented with model building which is a trait since many with Autism excel in something.

All of the traits that I have observed in Erika can be found in the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders). But, apparently she went to a few quacks that told her she was crazy in which one event is where she got discharged from the Air Force. Erika is not crazy, but have Autism and excel in certain things that those quacks would probably die for. Unfortunately so many people as well as mental health experts don't have a clue as to what is going on. But, many who claim to be objectum sexual don't really have a clue either, and I hope they accept fixation of objects as one among other traits of Autism.

It is so degrading and an insult to see those on the Autism Spectrum say they are objectum sexual when they are not. So I hope those on the Autism Spectrum reconsider and take those You Tube videos off so You Tube members can no longer make fun of them. On the other hand it seems like those with Autism is well received where many that don't have ASD want to learn more. I have been very well received even though I show in my video where I have a fixation on objects and subjects. But there is so much more going on with my own Autism. Anyone that is on the Autism Spectrum can contact me and I will give them the address. The reason I have it unlisted now is I was in search of something that has to do with Neurotypicals. So if they new just how severe I was, I may not have gotten anywhere since so many NTs don't have a clue about Autism.

Anyhow, if you are on the Autism Spectrum and really enjoy some of your traits, regardless of what they are, by all means get engaged in them to the fullest because I feel like our traits help us cope with everyday situations that bothers us.

<p>I haven't worked this website for quite a while because of the issues I was having with it. But, I'm on Windows 7 with Microsoft Essentials protecting my OS (no pun intend). I have also learned a lot more about Aspergers and Autism. Rather than being classified as an ob<x>jectum sexual, I have a fixation on ob<x>jects as well as subjects which is no more or no less severe than my social issues. But I do have one trait that has got them all beat and that is sensory issues. I know the majority of these people claiming to be ob<x>jectum sexuals have Aspergers or High Functioning Autism and they need to do some soul searching to find out what traits they have and how severe these traits are. A good place to start is with the Diagnostic Criteria for 299.80 Asperger's Disorder or DSM IV (Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of mental disorders) to check how many traits they have .</p>

I have come to the conclusion that because of my Autism I'm of a heterosexual orientation with my brain being wired to love ob<x>jects that are a male gender and have male names. Just think about this a little while, because most of those with ob<x>jectophilia has assigned to their ob<x>jects genders and gender oriented names, even treating their ob<x>jects as if they as a soul that can return the same feelings.