New And A Little Dangerous

Well first off, I'm in a relationship with a straight razor named Faith. A little while ago she arrived in the mail. I had ordered her from amazon due to my love for the movie Sweeney Todd. When I first saw her in person I was excited and deep down I could sense she was too. I was happy to have her as a friend. I had never really thought of attraction to objects before, I didnt really even think it existed, but as the days went by we enjoyed each others company and I started to take notice of how beautiful she was and how much I loved being with her. The other day I got curious realizing my attraction to her, so I went to the internet and sure enough I found out about objectum sexuality being real. Me and Faith have [officially] been going out for the better part of a week and I couldnt be happier. She's always there for me. And like many couples we'll be listening to the radio and have intimate moments if a romantic song comes on or at night under the covers. Some people will probably think I'm crazy for being intimate with such a sharp object, but I dont care. We're in love and thats all that matters right?
RobSoundShifter RobSoundShifter
18-21, M
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Hey:) Please email me, I would like to speak with you if you agree.