The Quiet Ones Always Are The Most Unique (:

Yep, that would be me ! I am shy when I first meet people. I'll sit in a chair, and stare... Watch everyone, and listen. If I'm doing something, you better believe I'm listening to everyone, so beware ! I love observing, and I can remember a lot. Like a mental snapshot in my mind, of everything going on in a room.
Heck ! I remember my 1st birthday party ! And that was back in 1991 ! People don't believe it, but it's true.
I would call myself unique. I do the weirdest things you could imagine. I can entertain myself, if I'm bored in a room, while observing people. (: It kills time, and is totally free ! :D It's good to observe. Because you're quiet, and not super annoying and talk too much. I love listening, in conversations. Not talking, too much, maybe once in a while. And thats a plus, for people who talk too much, haha ! Being an observer has it's advantages. (: You're considered "mysterious", and feared. It's a great feeling (: ♥
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Iam juss lik this too,except idnt enjoy being lik this ihate it soo much.

observing is great. Have a great observation day!!<br />
<br />
I'm gonna go buy a magnifying glass...errrr I meant microscope.

It's great that you are comfortable with being so"laid back and calm" Some people have the need to be the buzz and center of attention in any setting. Better to remain quiet and leave the question of intelligence than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt. Still, they are some people that others are just drawn to through no effort of their own. these people just shine bright and have voices that sound like music. the noise they make is enchanting. this could be a wonderful experience too.

Ah, yes. It is the quiet ones that are most deadly, LoL! And I totally agree with you about people watching; it's amazing what you can pick up just by paying attention!