Does anyone else ever put headphones in and listen to people around you when they believe you cannot hear them. You really can hear some interesting things.
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Oh yes. Why, it's really intresting to hear how some people change subject when you "listen to music" and then change back when you stop. haha.
I sit in the living room and listen to music or youtube or whatever a lot. Sometimes when my dad and his gf sit in the kitchen (next to the living room) I stop listening to the PC and listen to them. Mostly rubbish, but I've caught some intresting things. I'm just waiting to hear them talk about me without knowing I'm listening. :P

It is fun and I don't know why

I tried this and lasted like three seconds, then I.was back to my music ...

Haha well if the music is better than the conversations i do too

Fair enough ... lol.