I'm Quite The Observer, If I Do Say So Myself

I'm an observer. I enjoy watchig people. To me, it's very interesting (and sometimes humorous) to watch the ways different people do things, and the ways people interact with eachother. For this reason I get very distracted from simple, every day tasks, and I might be considered a bit of a creeper, as I'm caught staring a lot. But that's what I do! Im an observer, dammit!

I'm a bit of a thinker too, and this causes me to wonder; has there ever been another observer observing me observing someone else? Hmmmm.... Interesting thoughts.
Brookieh Brookieh
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2012

Ever thought why do people do one action from another? You could read on psychology or watch psychology lectures, it does open up your mind on how behavior works.