You need patience to observe. Yes observing is not easy. I observe things but I make sure to speak up at most times when I see something that's not right.

But again am not perfect and sometimes I can just stand there being a dumb spectator only to realize I should have spoken and stopped it from happening.

It's good to be an observer when you are seeing the nature so that you can feel it and enjoy the serene environment around you but it's bad to be an observer or a spectator when you see something wrong happening right in front of your eyes. That's when you speak up...
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Well said, but why do most people find it so hard to speak? (myself included)

most people don't speak up until the issue really concerns them & also for the fear of getting themselves into trouble. It's not easy to take a stand and speak up even if you feel it's the right thing to do. It requires courage. But there are other factors which stop you from taking a stand most people like to go with the tide rather than going against it..