You Know Who You Are!

Okay, okay, we've all been there; up half the night (or all the night in some extremely important gotta-deliver-these-items-in-this-order-for-this-side-quest-before-time-runs-out cases... ) gouging your eyes out on that TV screen with all the beautiful eye candy that you truly want to believe will make everything be alright with the world. ...Okay, so most of us aren't THAT thoughtful whilst gracing ourselves with the presence of Zelda(/Link if you wanna get technical) or Mario or any other amazing video game character. But you first have to admit when your family complains about your addiction that you do, indeed; but man, do you have a great knack for finding some damn good video games!

Me? I've pretty much been a video gamer since I could hold a controller. I remember playing on my dad's old Atari, simple graphics, but I loved it and I always begged him to take it down from the closet to play bowling or Dig Dug or something with him/my younger sister. (I recall one of my favorites being a game with about 20 or so mini games where one of them was two cowboys playing quick draw. It always made my sister and I laugh because they made a funny sound when they fell on their butts.)

I got my Nintendo 64 when I was seven. Ohjeez, how I love that thing. I still have it and I will NEVER get rid of it! It's a fun story to tell, the one where I opened up that treasure Christmas morning 1997. I peeled back the paper, saw what it was, then tried to hid it from my parents because they had said I couldn't have one! ^_^ Ah, the days of childhood naivety.

But anyway, lemme wrap this up so you can get back to that battle/quest/food. I'll just recommend a couple of my favorite games for Gamecube: Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos Origins. Those games don't get the attention they deserve. Alright, go knock yourself out!


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no kidding baten kiatos and origins don't get the attention they deserve. i can't undertsand how no one i know has played them