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 i absolutely love to clean !!!!  all day everyday ... and sit on the computer but i keep up on everything .... i dust everyday  vacumm about every other day and i love to shop for cleaning products !!!!  and paper  products  ....  ive been saying if i dont make it wrestling ... then im gonna become a professional cleaner / organizer ....  and run my own business ( of course i would have to do the work  because i dont trust anyone else to do it to my standards )  Is anyone else  ocd on  some cleaning ????

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3 Responses Feb 24, 2007

My neice is like that. she even color codes all her clothes and shoes and wakes up in the middle of the night to change it. Thats bad huh? Wish I had a little of that. Im a train wreck

It's not that I love to clean, but whenever I start cleaning I can't stop! Once I start I have fun with it usually and can't seem to stop myself.<br />
Often it will start with putting clean clothes away and morph into cleaning off my desk and dressers.

No. I'd like my house to look like that, but prefer to spend my time outdoors, or doing something more creative. So would you like to come and clean my place? There's a catch, you can't use any cleaning products that aren't 100% environmentally friendly.