as he stood there dressed in black armour with red trim. he knew what happened. the city was in ashes. the buildings has blast craters in them and were still melting with red embers from the weapon. he walked through and found no life. just burning buildings. he did not show his face and he knew the weapon was his target. he was following it. the storm it came through a day earlier and it destroyed the town in the valley. earlier he was standing on a nearby mountain watching the storm as it just passed. then he went to investigate to get more incite on the weapon. he saw the cloud move past the mountains but he thought it dropped something to activate the weapon. he was looking for it. he turned off his communications, GPS and on-board computers before he went down. he was not scared or worried. the weapon didn't care about him. but he wanted to fight it. he stopped. looked at the largest crator where the weapon ignited. the crater was the size of multiple 50+ story buildings deep and one or two of those buildings wide. he saw it. then he went to go get it...
XCalypsoX XCalypsoX
Oct 7, 2011