I have been full time unemployed for about 2 1/2 years. Since then I have been temping, working construction,working as a door man at a bar,retail stocker, and security at a college. I was very depressed when I got let go from my job in May2010. I was an Assistant mgr for Walgreens. Since then I have had feelings of depression, low self confidence,Humiliation, and most of all, Job Uncertainty! I have been to Job coaches, talked with friends and family to ask their feedback what they think I would be best at for an occupation...I can't even come up with what I would like to do!!! i am so frustrated and lost... Please, any one ideas??
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46-50, M
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I went thru something very similar at 46-47 and everything has worked out OK for me, well, not really just OK, its been absolutely fantastic.

Yes, the North American economy is bad, and we have brought some of this down on ourselves by buying foreign cars and spending too much on wars and sending too much aid $ into bottomless pits like Haiti.

We need to get back to thinking more about saving middleclass America & middleclass Canada and keeping our unions strong.

You need to just have faith & ask GOD to direct your path. Its never too late to go back to school...your gift is inside of you. .you just have to find your interest.

The whole economy is a mess. You're a victim ... not your fault.