Hate It All You Want.

I don't care.  I know it was my grandparents who instilled these old fashioned values in me, because my parents have been quite the opposite of me.

My mom was 15 when I was born.  All before she had gotten pregnant, she had done LSD and marijuana numerous times, had many boyfriends.  My dad was 17.  My whole life he has been a big kid.  He used to chain smoke...  Weed.  When he finally owned his own home, there was a big party every night.  He has been with many, many women.  As well as my mom has been with many, many men.  They broke up when I was a year old.  They were never married to each other.

My mom often criticizes me for being old-fashioned.  She tells me that I am going to do the things she did, but I refuse!  I will not go out to a club and bring home some guy to screw, then not remember his name.  She has a really close friend and sometimes when they're thinking back to their wild days, they can't remember which one slept with a certain guy they're thinking of.  My mom will say, "Did you **** him, or did I?"

I know that people my age see those types of things as being fun, and see me as being "lame", but oh well.  I'd much rather know whose **** has been inside of me.  At 19, I've only been with one person, only six times.  I regret that to the fullest extent of regret.  Because it wasn't a loving relationship.  We were more like friends...  Friends with benefits. 

I don't want children unless I am married.  It's too hard to raise kids alone anyway.  I have strong conservative beliefs, I am not a feminist in the least bit, although I value the rights of women in my country.  I am also quite patriotic, which, in these days, it seems the new trend is "Everybody whose cool hates America". 

I really wish I lived in the 1950s.  The world was alot better.

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You sound inherently decent despite your very bad start in life, like it's skipped a generation. Good for you. Build on it. There are still very decent people around with plenty of personal integrity. Believe me you will be appreciated for it. But don't be fooled that the 1950s was a golden decade of innocence. The proportion of serious sleazeballs must have been just the same then as in the 60s 70s - and every decade right up to now. The difference was that way back then, they swept things under the carpet and didn't talk about openly anything embarrassing or distressing - so addiction, venereal diseases, rape, ******, teen pregnancy, domestic violence were all there, unacknowledged and kept out of sight. Social mobility was very limited; people died of easily curable diseases becasue they were ashamed; racism, homophobia, literary censorship, etc flourished. (And I know the food was terrible - I have a 1950s illustrated cookery book!)

Really good points Damsel. As usual!

Wow you have a solid head on your shoulders! I know this is an older post, but I wanted to commend you for your common sense and maturity. You will go far.

I agree with the whole 1950's thing as long as we could leave whole racism thing out of it. Segregation was horrible. But I definately am for the traditional rolls of a wife and a husband. I am glad you are able to learn from your parents mistakes and chose a better life for yourself.

Yes it is. <br />
I really just don't see the interest in doing drugs, getting sickeningly drunk night after night, and sleeping with tons of men... Not even remmebering who it was that you slept with!