My first child was born when I was 22 days shy of 17.  He had his days and nights turned around at a time in my life when I only wanted to SLEEP!  Here is a lullaby I sang to him, handed down to me by my grandma Hodges.  I love it to this day:

I know why you're crying,  I know why you're blue

Someone took your kiddie car away,

You'd better go to sleep now...Little man, you've had a busy day.

You've been playing army, the battle has been won...The enemy is out of site,

Come on little general, put away your gun,  The war is over for tonite.....

Time to stop your scheming, time your day was through...can't you hear the bugle softly say,

You'd better go to sleep now, little man you've had a busy day....

My son is now 34 years old....He STILL wakes me up (by phone now), at 1:00 in the morning!  Lullabies aren't all they're cracked up to be!!

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lol thats sweet....