An Unforgettable Night: Experience Of God

I had an experience of God, which was shocking in the best sense;)

for hours, I was unable to do anything in this Night some years ago. I was absolutely in "His" hands. It was the most wonderful and overwhelming, what ever happened to me! How wonderful, I was so helpless!

I tried to pray, but there was only God's overwhelming awareness. I tried to love God and surrender myself to "Him" but there was nobody but God.
No "I" anymore, no space and no possibility for an own identity. There was nothing that could resist "Him" and there was nothing that would resist "Him";)

Pure bliss, consciousness, love. Yes, a love that we can not understand. As incredible. And nothing that I can give "Him".
My love was only "His" love. My devotion was only "His" devotion. And all along I would not bear all, if not "He" would bear it for me!

...there are peoples who say that a man can offend God... but the truth is: Without "Him" we are nothing at all and only the grandiloquent mind telling such stupid stories in his megalomania. We can nothing do, it's all "His" Grace... the grace of SOMETHING that loves you more than you can bear and understand it.


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1 Response May 5, 2010

I understand exactly what you mean. God is not an entity who forces us to worship "him," God is love, love is God and everything that exists. I know there is a greater reality than the physical one.