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It All Made Since Till They Called Me An Old Soul...

I can remember, it was not long after I had became fully aware of myself and my ability to think thoughts, I had spent my time reflecting on everything and I had figured I knew all that was worth knowing.  Till was it that one evening when my mother was feeling gloomy about some sort of social issue, she came to me and told me, her toddler, about it.  Even though she didn't expect me to understand I did and gave her advice on the manner as well.  I may have forgotten some important parts to the story but the main point is that after I finished with my advice she called me an old soul.  I was like wtf I thought everyone thought like me, that we all knew these obvious things.  But apparently I was wrong and as time passed I learned that people didn't reflect or use thoughts the way I did.  So now because of that moment I've always felt special like I was something new once again time passed and proved to me that the way I thought wasn't special in fact if I had read history I would have known that others before me have thought the same thoughts before.  It was that only the people whom I associated with made me seem smarter or wiser in comparison.  I am not wise, I am not an old soul, they just need to read more and realize I was nothing new.  Maybe hadn't she called me something special I wouldn't have the huge ego I have today, that or I'm just placing to much importance on myself and she's not to blame at all.

XxJamberxX XxJamberxX 18-21, F 1 Response May 30, 2010

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What do you mean thinking thoughts? Doesn't everyone do that?

Though I get what you mean with being an old soul, I think I am one as well. Have you ever felt that you have a lot of experience, even if you never did it or something? Or that you just know things even though you couldn't have known them?

Yeah I feel like that :)

Everyone thinks thoughts but a some young age we have to start a some point.

Ghehe it's quite funny when that happens doesn't it? :P It feels like you've had 1000 years of experience without ever touching it hahaha. xD

True, independent thinking is very important to humans after all.