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I'm 16, i love to talk and realize the different truths of the Bible. i have always felt like and old Church Pastor in the body of a teen, and that every thought i have no matter how stupid or ridicules, will branch off into a never ending argument in my mind.  i try and comfort, agree and Love, but at times i begin to admit to my self that i do it not for God, because doing it for him would be selfish.  i would be trying to obtain a reward, a heaven, or a prize just because i walked granny across the street.  No i do it because people need it, we need people who will leave there comfort zone and think for a moment "maybe i'm not the only one here." Because of this gift, i have been blessed with knowledge, yet at the same time i have been cursed and beaten by the lack of ignorance i have, so i take that ignorance and try to make it my front so people don't see the pain i call a life, the crap in a "have a nice day" bag of my life.     
Brandonwinkels Brandonwinkels
22-25, M
Jul 24, 2010