The Old Soul Story

I am twenty seven will be 28 in june. My whole life growing up I was pretty much different. I was never really interested in sports I was kind of in the middle with people in school. I never was really interested in extra curricular activities. I always dreamnt of being somewhere else. I struggled with gradea. I was always a bit wise. My parents are divorced I spent many unhappy years with my father becasue my stepmother was a controlling, putdown type of a human being. You felt like you were walking on egg shells. I felt very awkward around her. I stayed with my mom during the weekends which was good. Know that I am grown I work for a coffee shop. I have a bachelors, I didn't find out about being an older souls through a psychic and talking about past lives. This made sense to me know about reincarnation. I feel like I have been on the planet a long time. I feel that I am different from people. My pursuits are spiritual while they have their own agenda. I do a lot of meditation. My roomate is 20 years older than I am. She came into my life. I do it is for a reason, because we have similar backgrounds and she is a spiritual person as well. I just have fears of being an older soul which is not connecting with others, having lasting friendships, finding someone, etc. I would like to hear how others feel or adjust to being an old soul, thanks fortaking the time to read this
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Hi! Your story sounds very similar to mine, especially with the younger years. When I was a teenager I didn't understand why I didn't feel guilt, or really any extreme emotions, and why everybody always overreacted to everything. I am extremely intelligent, and I excel at literally anything I try to do, but I have no desire to do anything other than just enjoy the ride this time around. I am 31, and have always known I was something, just didn't know what until I stumbled upon Micheal's teachings and soul age. A few years ago I read the Tao te Ching for the first time and it was like going home. It was everything I KNEW and always tried to express to others, just written down. I have never felt very connected to my body, and I am often surprised (in a good way) at what I look like in pictures and in the mirror. I am so happily married with two amazing children and I look around everyday and think, wow, I am so lucky to be inhabiting this life this time. However, at 27, I was not yet at this stage of understanding, I was not as connected to my guides, and I had a much lesser sense of the Tao and more anxiety. As i sit here writing you today I am so peaceful, grateful, content, and unconcerned. I don't fear death. I no longer have anxiety. I have accepted that my life is unfolding exactly how it should. You do not need to fear anything. You will understand your role more within the next few years, as one day it will just effortlessly fit you. You are well on your way and I sense a paradigm shift approaching for you, likely in the form of your soul mate. I also sense that you are unable to fully move past your stepmother's actions, which is inhibiting you from seeing your true purpose and finding meaningful fulfillment. I know it is hard, luckily I was blessed with an innate feeling that my father's actions had nothing to do with me. I never felt I wast he problem, which has always allowed me a certain understanding and distance. Intellectually you know this, but you were a kid, and those wounds are hard to close. Anyway, don't worry. You must trust that your life is unfolding exactly how it is supposed to. As the wonderful Tao states, Stop trying to control. Let go of fixed plans and concepts,and the world will govern itself. Open yourself to the Tao,then trust your natural responses;and everything will fall into place. Many blessings on your journey, you will do well!

Thankyou for your insights and the fact you responded. I appreciate your life story, and am grateful f or everything that you wrote for me. I wish there was more to say bu thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. I am glad things are going well for you:)

Thsnkyou I feel much better I appreciate your insight I added you

I am only eighteen starting today, and have felt the sort of detachment towards other as you have felt. I believe it is more common than you think for others to share your ideals and beliefs, which in fact brings old souls together when they in fact find each other. <br />
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You have already found one, which is a great feat, for old souls tend to judge a bit harshly of the new souls that are the vast majority. Old souls will find other old souls and form bonds, which are more likely to last a lifetime.