Spiritual Transformation

Lately for the past couple of weeks I have started to change. I am irritable. I want to sleep more. I have been depressed. I am going on twety eight and focusing on the things I don't have. Ever since I have been going through these changes. My whole world has been turned upside down. I am unsure of things. I want to focus more on the truth etc.. When we go through spiritual awakenings is it uncommon to go through changes
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I've always been very spiritual but when I turned 28 I really started to evolve. I could not read enough books, watch enough videos or meet enough people to fill my curiosity. Try not to think too much and you will definitely meet some amazing people. I highly recommend reading some of Sonia Choquette's books.

Thankyou will look up at my local library thank you for the add:)

very helpful

wow that is some deep stuff.

No, it's not uncommon in my experience/opinion. In my case my "spiritual awakening" or more accurately: enlightenemt is that nothing is real or solid ( when put in a scientific context), there is no religious god, there is only the present, present society sucks and lives in a cultural illusion of make money now have fun later, the more I see, read and experience the less I know and that I don't owe my parents anything since I didn't ask to be their child and when I was a child I prayed to die swiftly at night so i might as well not have been born.