;:ii Am An Old Soul;'"

i know we all have had past lives i do not remember them except for a bit of one we have all been here a long time before the fall of ATLANTIS which has been proven PLATO Talkes of it i have a book called ATLANTIS by Ignatius Donnellyit talks about what plato had said it went down in stages due to heavy karma but getting back to past lives they are sealed in the unconccious they can be reveled by a proper therapist. i know very little about by last life only it had to do with the study of life itself i had a great teacher who i will not say who he is i wrote for him , that is all i remember we all had good lives and some lives not so good the key is to finish thislife up to where you set yourself up for an easier next life.my other lives ihave no idea of who or what i did and it does not matter to me its over its now i am concerned about for all of us. another book to check out is MANY LIVES MANY MASTERS by BrianWeissPHD. VINNY
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