And that's all I have to say about that.

Wait.....I have a young spirit though.

That's it.
PrettyOldSoul PrettyOldSoul
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We dont live very long. Just enough time to get a short taste of life.

You are still young and young at heart. ;o)

Hello lover. :) you are too kind. .I'm old as the

Age is but a number. I know. ;o)


Hi Banjo.

Young spirit is tiiiiiiiirrrrrrred. Lol

It surely is Banjo. It's. Ready for some rest. :)

...but i saw your picture in 'Rockabilly Pinup' magazine and you didnt look a day over 55!

I like that!

Thank you.;)

By age, I don't think you're old, but yes, you could have an old soul. And<br />
feeling as young as you are is something to be cherished....stay young!

Thank you 13. :) I try.

Old soul makes you wise but that young spirit makes you FUNNN! ♥

Could you imagine if we beheld the world as children?

We'd learn and play and love a whole lot better. Everything would look new and our eyes would get real big.....Life would be simpler.....and smiles and laughter would be wayyyy more common.

Someday Sierra. Soon, in comparison to this day it will be most grand...:-)

Lol love it.;)