And Maybe Elvis

oh and once a psychic told me i was once an old medicine woman from a small rural town.
actually, the only reason i am convinced is my "soul mate"
he is the romeo to my juilet and all that cinematic lovey fluff. oh its real,
we both just felt it, instantly, and unless youve been there and felt it its impossible to explain without giggling.
but when i met him i knew i knew him a long time ago.
oh, and i do a killer elvis and i love pbjs with bananas! :)
seriously though, anyone know what i mean when i talk about the soul mate dejavu aspect of an old soul, or two?
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2 Responses May 22, 2012

Yes! I do and when we looked into each others eyes across the road in passing when I was just 14 and he 17 we knew we would find each other and be together again. And 20 some years later we did... When I looked into his eyes and felt his touch I knew I had felt it before.. Anyone who meets us is jealous of our connection and notices right away how in tune we are to one another... a simple nod or glance speaks because it has for so many loves and lives.

I do, it is the same with my love and I. We have been lovers throughout many lives and always seek the other out. A reader told him he had searched for me through many lives and when we met in this one, even before we had ever been to a past life reading, we knew we had known each other in other lives, we could just tell by how much we felt immediately and how deep it was, and the fact that 12 years later, the intensity is still the same... he just felt so familiar, and vice versa and we were deeply drawn to the other. We found each other half way around the world. I know exactly what you mean and it makes me happy to know you know what I mean too ...