Tales Of An Old Soul... Or ... Last Time Around The Sphere

I have been around since the beginning of this earth. I have had past life readings done and it is comforting to know there are certain characteristics that follow one through each life time. I have been female as much as I have been male in past lives so I am pretty balanced. Because I am an old soul I do not go in for the materialistic and instead prefer the company of others of substance long past the inane quest for bobble possession. Admittedly, the pickings are a bit slim, but it does not stop me from being genuinely happy when I meet a fellow old soul. I do not need a lot to make me happy. I am very happy with simple pleasures, an ocean breeze, the sway of lace curtains, the movement of trees rustled by a breeze, the color of flowers, the sensation of the sand between my toes, the sun on my face for a moment in winter. Despite my Old Soul age, I maintain a pretty optimistic and "youthful" energy. I like what life is about. That being said, I have decided this will be my last trip to planet earth. Learning about past lives has really helped me to understand some of my childhood fears. Many that seemed exaggerated but very real were fears based in traumatic ways I had died in the past. It feels validating to know and as a result of knowing those fears are now so much more diminished through understanding. I am married to the love of my life(lives...). I adore every single thing about him. We are twin flames who have been lovers over many life times. In one life my father had him killed and then I died soon after. In another life he was a soldier, we had a daughter, and I lost him in battle. In this life we were born half way around the world from one another but found the other just the same. This is why when we met we had such an immediate fear of losing the other. We will not lose the other in this life and have let go of that fear from other lives together. We sensed that we had known one another deeply and forever when we met. We have made a pledge to one another and an agreementĀ  with the universe not to return again, not to reincarnate, but to stay together on the other side together. He is an old soul too, around from the beginning of the earth in what is called the first wave, I was born on the second wave which was so close to the first it was considered a simultaneous wave for the longest time. I love knowing he is slightly older. Mm. Because we are old souls we connect on a deep level. We are always happy to be in the company of old souls and find solace in their existence.
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2 Responses May 24, 2012

Yes! I first met him when I was 14 and he was 17 well our eyes met across a country road I fell into them...there is no other way to put it... and then I dreamed of him and he was always in my mind... till we met again 23 yrs later . With him I am content anywhere we were homeless and it didn't matter because he always protected me and took care of me. I still get tingles whenever I touch him...and he can still take my breathe away when we kiss... I am so in love and I admire him. I am amazed at the depth of his love for me also... he is my husband..my love...my everything :)

I too have "a twin flame" (beautifully put) and we connect on a deep spiritual level... I have never had past life readings but I do have knowledge of things that I shouldn't know of.... and always have.

ahh, I love meeting others who know their twin flame. It's everything isn't it? I feel so everything with him, content, happy, in love, soothed, blissful, in love, in admiration of him, amazed at the depth of his love for me, just everything :)