Old Souls

-During my slow 13years of life I have always been told I am an old soul, as in I felt like I have lived before. By the time I was born no one told me about how baby's were born I just knew. I have always known. I know things from history, I have never been told. Things happen and I already know why. I knew about everything.
-I feel like I have lived a life before and I feel like I was given a second chance but this time I am different, I have something to prove. But I know what all of these readers are thinking, its my age I am discovering who I am; But that's wrong because I already know who I am but I need to do something differently.
-Am I alone on this?
LonerGirl18 LonerGirl18
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More than likely this is not a second chance. You have lived far more lives than just two.

You do have something to prove, a task or problem if you will, that you need to over come. Keep over coming and live well. Support others in all that you do.

Even when you feel you could not possibly try harder, you have to do it. To beat this life, to move on to the next plain of existence.

You already know your purpose for this life... bide your time and before you know it childhood will be behind you and you can begin what you know in your heart you are meant to do.

Im an old soul, too. I better understand my spiritual level now. It was my mom who introduced me to God. at the age of 7 my father died. Im always close to God even at my early age, talking to Him, going to church was a big challenge to a poor girl like me then I always spare a cent and walk a mile to go to the church early in the morning. And things changed God gave me abundant blessings, family, children and prosper in our livelihood. But then at my 50th birthday or so just happened a new chapter in my life begun and changed my whole perspectives in life.<br />
A new door was open, a new life directions, and it strengthens my spiritual connections to God and His angels which I never have experienced in my entire life.<br />
My life from my childhood until the present time runs like a movie film in my own eyes, it gives me more a meaningful and understanding of this life. It gives me knowledges courages, and experiences.<br />
I have some good friends, but stilll Im a loner from my childhood until now. I meet friends on my own time, but being around with so many people around me makes me quiet thou friends are trying to take me and get along with them Im like a still water, at many times just want to watch and keep myself for myself . Being a person with good attitudes, my children knows the rule in the house I dont cursed or dont like to hear any cursing words from anyone around me, so when my children have friends on visits they are informed. so my 25 years old son now living on his own together with his friends knew and they were informed not to use harsh or curse words in our house, so its a kind of respect, too. The schools got to know it bywords about that rule so my children were bullied in the school coz of that still my children didnt changed and the rule is integrated with their behaviours, the rule is still exist, and Im proud of them. <br />
Anyway, I think in my earlier life I was belong to an ancient royal family or something, it feels like that without I knowing it, it seems the way I put on my clothes and my taste of clothing, I have such characteristics, and I dont buy expensive clothes either, Im just using my money according to my means, and still I always been praised of being well dressed, or looking grand something like that.<br />
I could write more about my peculiar attitudes, its weird, they are not visible its lying inside my soul, just I know much better now why I feel some great difference from others.

No you are not me, my mother, and my stepfather all 3 of us are old souls. And there are others, it's just that we old souls are so rare...there are so few of us. I also have 2 bros who one is a mature soul and the other one is a teenage soul