I Wanat Out

ive been told several times im an old soul

alsu that ive takrn on some hard lessons for this life

i sure believe that

at 52 im in a nursing home trying to recover from stroke

thats why i type like this

i beg god or my higher self or whoever might listen if anyone at all to let fe flunk out of this one and bring me home

if i had a safe peaceful way to end it i think i would be more likel to take the easy way out

worst is cant talk to anyone or they get mad that i would desert them

anything for me to hold on to?
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2 Responses Sep 8, 2012

You could try to find the peace that is apparent in all things. You don't need to pass on to to go home, it's found in the heart. Meditation is something monks would do all day if they could. And some do. Maybe it's time to find that peace within yourself. Maybe this happened for a reason, and you just have to figure that out. Maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. But if any of this makes sense, it could make you feel a lot better to just let go of your pains by meditating.

I've never heard of someone so young in a nursing home.<br />
My heart goes out to you.<br />
Do you mind me asking are you unable to move, are they looking after you well ?<br />
Regards Ayla