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I answered a question here today and then went to the asking person's profile-i for some reason wanted to know about a young person that would ask a very simple yet deep question. I saw her membership here and thot-well I was lead to this.

Suicide. It's a very strange thing to those that live only one life-or in other words all those folks that call multiple life followers "idots". But there is good logic behind the reason I believe in multiple lives-mostly that my God would not have a problem with it. I'm a Christian Druid-I feel that I want to offer God the best I can be-I can't do it on one life-70/90 years. I tell God he had 55 billion years and look how right "He" got it-LOL!!!

So I see every life giving me more and more tools to make the next life even better and my spirit stronger. So if this is true, which for my own belief system it is, then what does suicide do, taking that this belief system is a solid one. Well simply put, it robs a younger soul of needed tools for future lives. I have had a HUGELY tough life this time around, yet what many friends tell me that  they'd go nuts over, I stay the course, ride out the many storms and find calm waters between "tests" and thus gaining more tools for the future.

I know I would not be able to do this if my "life tools" were missing. And young souls that end their experience, do not get those tools. It's why some have fewer lives than other in my own realm of thot.  They are not bad people/souls, they'll get the skills, it just will take longer. Suicide in many cultures is a honorable thing-I have no doubt it is in the life that it happens but it is actually a thief. If we had only one life, according to the many Christian faiths, they're damned,..., in only one life! I can not believe in a God that would not allow us a loving learning curve. What I learned is that Christ was saved by 3 men who did not follow the Jewish and later Christian faith. They believed in the Stars and were drawn by a God that gave them more privilege than those that believed in him to save a child, born among the beasts. God has many faces, which one you know I feel is based on how much love you have in you for your own kind.

I hope I did not bore the intellectuals here, and maybe soothed a few minds that may have known loved ones that ended their life "here", and maybe others  the many ways to see "GOD" and "LIFE". If it seems interesting-It was to me,..., my life has never been "in the box". All good things to you all, Bless the Beast-Steph in SC

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Great story, I believe what you are saying as well but I take my beliefs a little farther. I consider myself to be a gnostic christian. Which just means that I believe in Jesus and the message that he was sending but I also search for my own truths. I read a set of books called Journey of the Soul by Sylvia Browne. Absolutely amazing books. When I couldn't figure out what my beliefs were (because religion to me is just another way to control the masses) I came across her books. My wife had them and I didn't know it. By the time I got to the end of the series everything felt so right to me that i knew what I finally believed. If you want an over view of what I believe you can read my story "who am I." (read here http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Am-A-Girl-With-A-Penis/2670658 )

well thank you. I was following my ways since I was pretty young,..., like in second and third grade. I found myself "worshiping" Nature in little ceremonies out in the pastures among the cattle and horses on my family's farm in Illinois and such, and going to church as well as a youngster. I have to say that being non-evangelical Orthodox German Lutheran helped me go out of the Christian box from the start tho. I have tried to make my own truths in the past and for myself I have to say that I can not, I only get a lesson in humility by Nature's truths and so I see God's hand thru Nature. All these years have taught me to be "still". His words come on a breeze for those that listen-you have to be still to hear them which puts my ego on the back-burner. And being a full Sun Leo,..., that's not such a bad thing! HOOT!

I am a Druid thru and thru-just that instead of seeing the Creator/s as Nature I see God's hand in using Nature to guide me to a better person, life after life. I'm glad you found a source that you could follow to your own ways too. Like I said earlier, God has many faces and there are many wonderful paths to his door. be good-S

You too. : )