Fighting My Inner Grumpy Old Man

As the world changes, more and more I look back to the days of my youth. I can remember a world were stores closed at night.  Even TV stations signed off after 1p.m.  I look at young people and think:  They're too loud, and rude, and there music sucks.  It's just not like It was in my day when the world was perfect.  Remember looking for a phone booth in the rain.  We loved it!  And the only computers we saw were on television shows like Lost In Space.  Now the future is here with cell phones and a 24/7 digital world.  The things I buy become obsolete faster.  I fear the day I will become like my father who could operate a VCR. Some of the music the younger kids listen makes me want to meticulously cut out my eardrums.  When I catch myself thinking these thoughts, I can't help wondering: When did I become my parents?  The grumpy old man just keeps creeping up on me.  I wonder if he's going to take over one day.
holloway64 holloway64
46-50, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

*chuckling* I'm currently working on accepting and embracing my inner grumpy old woman. I think she's kind of cool...sometimes.