Was I Meant To Live In This Time?

I can't help but feel sometimes that I wasn't meant for this world--this time in history. I feel a growing disconnect among people of this generation as a result of the technology boom of the past decade. Most everyone these days buries their noses into their smart phones, iPads and portable devices while using social networking sites as their main form of communication. There's an ever-growing sense of apathy and it seems people are less inclined to help one another.

This thought affects me greatly, to the point that it actually hurts. I have to wonder at times if it's just me who hasn't caught up with the world or if I'm somehow abnormal for feeling this way. One could say that I'm only alive now, at this very moment, because I was supposed to be. In any case, I wonder if others feel the same way because these thoughts truly make me feel alienated from my peers.
Tea85 Tea85
31-35, M
May 18, 2013