I've Been Told This Often....

There have been people who have told me this, for a long time.  I know I have ALWAYS felt old!  LOL

Seriously, I have always felt "old",  not wizened, but "OLD"!  I know that there are things, which I have always been able to feel, anticipate, understand unbiasedly. 

 recently went to a web page and took what color aura do you have...it SAID I WAS AN OLD SOUL TOO.

So, I have always had this conflict. 

How can I be an old soul, and a christian.  How can I believe in both.  For I DO.  WHOLEHEARTEDLY!   Just like I KNOW there are ANGELS, GOD, Christ DIED ON THE CROSS, GHOSTS, 

Just like I sometimes hear peoples conversations (no I don't have schizophrenia), I am an EMPATH!

All these things seem so contradictory to each other, oh, but they are my world...I would love to know your explanation. Help me make the link between Bible and the Old Soul knowledge.  How can both o-exist, really! 


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matter is spiritized so now you are a living soul and not a soul in a body. There is a shift in overview instead iof getting lost in details.There is a strong sense of urgency as awareness realizes mortality. The Greeks brought the idea of the soul being immortal in the Christian doctrine.The real school for the awakening of a sleeping persons is hidden from sight and makes it's appearance only after those that have consciously worked on remembering who you are outside of desires and ambitions. Has been said, you cannot take heaven by storm

Thank you for this!!!

So, you don't believe we have past lives? Do you think that when they had the meeting 400 years after christs death, that some of the info MEANT to be in the bible was disqualified by the guys who decided just HAT WAS supposed to be included? <br />
I sometimes wonder about that as well. I am not saying the Bible ISN'T the WORD OF GOD, was I am asking if that maybe the Oh SO WISE gents back then OMITED ....SOME OF THE WORD OF GOD?<br />
Just a thought. I have often wondered. I have more questions to ask thhose who respond as well, but lets start here.

The book is seat of the soul by Gary Zukov. Another interesting aspect is that we know everyone we come in contact with in this life previously, and we chose the role they will play in our lives. (Your mugger may be your former lover, etc.) Good stuff. Stay old, people!

Another thing I wanted to share with you.... I have ALWAYS felt like I didn't belong here. EVER. (maybe its God's way of telling me this is not long). I KNOW I don't belong here, but in a better MUCH better place. Different, VERY different from everyone else. I've no use for anything material. <br />

ok, here is what I've read, in stories about people who have died, came back to life. There are lots of good books regarding this. ANYWAY. They had said, in Heaven, they got KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge to share with all of us. They have said that before we were born, we were spirits, which CHOSE our life, the way we are going to die, ETC. GETTIN CREEPED OUT YET??????<br />
Well, I can't remember the name of the books. But not only ONE person written of these things. SOOOO..<br />
Supposedly before we were born, we were souls. We were not allowed to remember before we were born. hmmm(did you ever have some kind of weird feeling that you have been in a passed life, etc??????<br />
Well, check into it. Being an old soul doesn't mean that you are not a Christian. We will all have all the knowledge of everything we ever had questions to when we finally go see the MAN.<br />