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I have always been told by others that i am an "old soul". When i was younger, i never quite understood what that meant. As I grew up and matured I came to realize all that encompasses being an old soul. I have a way of expression, a way of connecting to all things in this world. My emotion runs very deep and I feel as though I could move mountains with my energy and life. I have always had a strong understand of the world; whether its people, nature, or the universe in general. My thoughts and actions are done through what i know. What i know is that i am a genuinely good person, and negativity hardly resides in me for long. I go off of intuition and feeling, like when i meet someone, i can tell from the first 5 min whether our energies are overlapping or are not even on the same plane. If I have learned anything from my life, it is that energy exists everywhere. Old soul's obtain not only the strongest but the densest. Its sensitive to allow it to be active, yet its strong enough as to not allow anything that is not wanted inside it. I often dream of a paradise where I am alone, among the woods and fields, breathing in all that is around me, knowing that i acknowledge my existence, it is enough to want to extend its energy to the end of the universe. This may sound like a bunch of hoopla to some people. but its how i feel. maybe someone else can relate. :)

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My friend, you sound very much like myself on a positive scale. I too am the same about negativity , if I have it doesn't reside long in myself either. When I connect with the right person I'm really of on an excited feel in my spirit. I feel like I'm a person in a very materialistic world and I too don't fit in with all the immature souls. Nothing personal towards them at all.<br />
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Probably I will call it as a refined soul, as per the hindu philisophy, souls keep evoluting over different life time's untill they refined completley to get merged with the soul of universe, reading your experience gives and impression that you are nearing the ultimate goal of a soul... don't let this die, keep working and probably work little harder so that you can untile with the soul of the universe.<br />
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sounds like you are on the right track to me!

sounds like you have a lovely soul.<br />