I Am Too Old For This Body

People have always told me I'm an old soul in a young body. I know it's a gift, but it's so hard to be more mature than my age group. I don't laugh at their dumb jokes, I can see consequences and other things they are unable to see, and I am more sensitive to certain things. I know things that they don't and I don't have any explanation why except possible past life experiences. I sometimes wish I could fit in with them. I could talk with interest about the latest gossip and go crazy over 1 week relationships. But I can't. Most of my friends are much older than me because we understand each other. It's so hard to know and see and feel things that most people my age don't. I wish I could find someone like me

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I am the same way. I'm 23, and It is so hard not being able to fit in with people my own age. But at the same time, I am happy that most of my friends are in their 40s. We have so much more in common and it's mature and interesting.

I hope to find more mature people in the future

I hope to find more mature people in the future

Wow I think you just summed up the post I just wrote.. perhaps I should read posts before sharing my own story.<br />
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I absolutely know what you feel like. It is enough to drive one mad.

Nothing wrong with questioning! That's how problems get solved and how the world will be saved! Always always always question!!!!

I feel exactly the same way as both of you. I just wish I wasn't stuck like this. I analyze everything, using all my senses. I'm constantly questioning life. Everyone thinks I'm a philosopher, but really I'm just.....I don't know. I don't know how to explain this. I'm just glad to get support, thanks so much!

I am in the exact same situation...and have been since I was in elementary school...I always found it easier to connect with the teachers than I did with the other students and I'd be looked at as a brown-noser but I wasn't cruising for hand-outs...The teacher just often interested me more...My friends think that I think too much and that I'm not allowing myself to be as care-free as they are...but I believe that life is real, to whatever extent, and that it should be taken somewhat seriously...not to say that one should throw themselves into jobs or anything like that...but one should know why they do what they do and one should champion their own person before trying to scrutinize or ostracize others...idk...stay up man...we're all in it together

I know how you feel. My friends tell me I have a terrible sense of humor, but I just don't find their jokes funny. Stay strong, there are more old souls out there than you think.