I Am a Young Old Soul :)

Ever since I was born people have told me I was an old soul. My mother told me that the day I was born I was told three times that I had been here and back many a times.

I am merely eighteen right now but I know I am old. I think I'm on my last legs to be honest. Nothing excites me about the world, never has in this lifetime. I don't understand my peers - I don't get 'facebook and myspace' and I don't understand the need for a plasma tv and fast cars. I've spent my entire teenage years on a spiritual discovery, trying to understand myself and the world. I always thought spiritual things were related to religion and I struggled to search for a religion to Understand but I never understood religion at all :) Only in the past year have I learned about the spiritual world, reincarnation and past lives. Now I Understand!

It would be easy to confuse this with typical teenage angst but I promise you, I know hormones and I haven't struggled with teenage angst since I was about fourteen. When I was a child in school I got on better with my teachers, and the parents of my peers than my actual friends. I no longer do however, because now I don't understand adults either! The ones I know, including my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, family of friends etc, are all money hungry and selfish. Kind of like Young Souls as the website 'michaelsteachings' describe. I only get along with very few people, either 'mature' or 'infant' souls, because I feel I can teach them things. The materialistic other souls I do not feel oblidged to bother :P

I have one friend in the world right now, she is my soulmate - an old soul like myself who understands me. I do not feel the need to try and understand my other 'friends'.

I struggle with my own mother and stepfather. They are obsessed with money - different to normal life expense worries. They would gamble her entire family just go get a dollar more. They want the shiny new Jeep, the new plasma, a new nintendo.. and they don't understand when I ask 'why?'

They dislike that I have little drive in my life. I feel like I've done a thousand lives worth of work and I am tired. At eighteen? I've worked for three years.. hardly tiring. Sounds stupid but I'm hoping someone can agree.  All I want in life is to show people the beauty that they cant see. I am a photographer, and I would be full time if it weren't for bills. I want to teach at least one person that the world can be beautiful and then I would be happy to leave.

I recall strong memories of past lives. My previous one I was a male. Sometimes I go to look in a mirror and expect to see a blonde haired, green eyed man staring back and get slightly confused when I see a dark haired female. With the same green eyes however. I still sometimes get confused about my gender - I feel like I am -mentally/emotionally - genderless. I feel a strong attraction to women though I am not a lesbian - I just understand how men feel about them. I have an extremely strong connection to Romania but I know nothing about it nor have ever been there yet I feel that it is 'home'.

It's strange to think I am still just coming out of childhood, yet I feel like I've been here a lifetime.

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Unfortunately I haven't met my "soulmate" yet -- not in a romantic way. I am an old soul, and all of my current friends are immature, materialistic, and narcissistic. I feel conflicted because I have always known and felt that I have lived longer than my numerical "age". I have lived previous lives, and I know that there are greater things than what society constricts us to see and experience. I really hope that one day I will meet someone like you and these countless other souls to satiate my need for a true connection. Thank you for letting me know that I am not alone...

Wow, you sound a lot like me. In my teens I was on a spiritual quest too. I didn't start to date people till my early twenties. I just never had interest and I have no interest for material things. I love the natural world and nature. I always find it interesting that I automatically know things that my older peers had to learn through life experience. I definitely feel disconnected from the world and very few people understand me.

Wow! I definitely feel the same way you do.<br />
<br />
I'm 23, and I've always felt like I've already accomplished so many things already that I've never wanted to go out and be "super successful" like a lot of my peers. I just want to create art, which has been a strong desire since I was very young. I dropped out of university my senior year because I felt like I knew "enough". <br />
<br />
I've also never had a strong desire to have new, nice things. My boyfriend wants to have a nice shiny new car, big flat screen tv, big house...All I want is a beat up hearse, and to wear old clothes from different eras, and live in an old house with character. I don't even have a cell phone or social media. I could care less. <br />
<br />
Also, I too have a strong attraction to women, however I am not a lesbian. I have a strong connection to the ocean, like living by the ocean. I feel so happy when I'm on any coast, my happiest. But I have a terrible fear of the ocean!<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing.

be my friend =]

You are amazing... I love everything you said. I can relate to so much. I know I am an old soul but I know this will not be my last life. From what you said it might be yours though but to make this your last life, you must be happy going out of the world. I was very happy to hear that you found your soul mate, I've been wishing to find mines or at least another old soul to be friends with. I am lucky that I have an old soul for a sister, she helps me a lot in life and from what she tells me I am reliving a lot of her life because she went through a lot of the same lessons as me though I know my soul is older than hers. I was searching to find an answer to why I am not happy in life or at least at peace. I do not feel related to any other person around me. I do not fill connected to my family because I am not comfortable with them. I've been not wanting to leave home and I've been wanting to kill my other sister who is a baby soul =]. I just want to be 18 so I can go out on my own, seriously an old soul can not be underneath anybody who holds them back from what they really want to do. I wish somehow I can find how old I really am. But I will continue meditating =].

You're right, our stories are a lot alike. I love photography, too. I have been told I was a man in many past lives. I am attracted to women too, but not in a lesbian way. I want to affectionately caress them, or do something that I know would make them feel better about themselves, but I don't because they only except it when a male does it. I've also travelled in my past lives (I still love to travel), but I think I may have been a viking, because I feel connected with all the Norwegian countries. Unfortunately I haven't found a soul mate but I've found lots of people on this site that get me and appreciate my personality.<br />
<br />
I'm not religious either. I used to be, but now I follow what feels right to me. We can be spiritual without being religious. And I too hate money for some reason. It makes me uncomfortable to have to remind someone to pay me or lend or borrow money. I personally want to live on a "hippie" commune, growing our own food, living peacefully with nature, etc. I don't want to have to worry about the stresses of life. I just want to float through this life, until a better one comes around.

Same here! I just left my last job - ten hour days beginning at 5am - because I don't understand why I would want to lock myself up to do nothing important. I was selling food.. useless food that no one needs. I understand the necessity of bread.. milk.. but why stress over damn olives?<br />
<br />
I understand I would want a job if I had kids to care for.. but I don't, nor have ever wanted children in this lifetime. I currently raise my three siblings on weekdays [and most weekends too..] and I feel like I've done it so much.. feeding them feels so irritating and repetative like I've done it with hundreds of kids before and I don't want to do it anymore.. like I chose to be here, but didn't know these kids would come into it..<br />
<br />
Drives me crazy.. all my life I've just wanted to be a gypsy.. why wont society with it's rigid laws let me be? <br />
Why do I want to laugh at what everyone finds 'important'? Why do I see things like computers useless [I only use them to speak to my soulmate and to research things I cant find in a book.. not facebook people or make money online..] <br />
<br />
The ONLY material item I deem important would be my ipod. It connects me to music that I must have listened to in another life. I can listen to songs from years ago and know the words and I can imagine playing it on guiter but don't know how.. <br />
<br />
Music is the only obvious connection to past lives methinks.

Wow! I dont really know how to respond to this.I feel the same way much of the time.I feel im just simply floating through this life to get to the next.I dont care about things they way others do,like money,as you said.My parents keep telling me to get a REAL job which I have had several in the past and hated everyone of them.8hrs./day? Who's stupid idea was THAT? I'd rather make just enough to get by and enjoy what I can of this world! Hard to do when there are only so many hours in a day!