Old Soul

I'm an old soul. i don't think i'm very old but i'm old enough to know i'm old. being an old soul is not fun. you're tired and crotchety and spiritually achey. i sometimes find myself saying in my mind "i want to go home!" even when i am "home", the physical building where i sleep and where my things are. the hardest thing about being an old soul after the lack of energy and the loneliness is the fact that you have to deal with the young souls. i don't know about any of you other old souls but the young souls really get on my nerves. i don't understand, or i fail to remember, that they don't understand. so i find myself being angry at them alot of the time. the fact that they don't know any better and they make what seems to me like stupid mistakes and foolish decisions that cause their own and others' suffering really irritates me. it also irritates me that young souls tend to think they know best and so it's hard to admonish and teach them. plus, i feel that the mature and old souls spend their lives cleaning up the messes and blunders that the young souls cause. being an old soul is lonely because you are so misunderstood and it is hard to find old souls like yourself because i think we all would much rather our own company, assuming that no one else will understand us because that's so often our experience. im tired. i'm old enough to definitely feel old. if i didn't have karma to clean up i would really be so happy to leave the physical realm. frankly, it can't come fast enough. i hope i don't have many more incarnations to go. the thing about being old is that there is no naivete, no mystery, no wonder.i know what everybody thinks and why everybody does what they do, probably before they even do. it's no fun always being three steps ahead of everybody else. it's no fun being at university level stuck in a third grade classroom. it's boring. being an old soul you see and know everything. there are no illusioins. thus, what is the incentive for really being interested or invested in this world, this life? what i live for now is to do what i have to do while i'm here. i want to teach compassion if i can, and if that falls on deaf ears then i want to at least give comfort.   

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I always feel like I am missing a different time and place (which I have never been or experienced). I get so upset about it too, like there's this other place that I should be but I'm trapped somewhere else. It's an awful feeling.

Dear eyetech<br />
Have hope.the youn souls will realise one day that we were right.<br />
they bask in the presnt glitz and life<br />
they will realise <br />
older souls like me are with u<br />
live life to its max <br />

I could not have said it any better myself. I feel the exact same way. Life is very hard for people like us. It affects my relationships with everyone, and its so hard for me to understand why people contiue to do the stuff they do. <br />
<br />
I have never felt understood and have longed in a bad way for someother people like me to come into my life and share the same feeling. Thanks you all have given me a little hope that there are others out there that feel old and used up when their bodies might not be.<br />
<br />